Why Choose Us

Ideas Shape Our Very Existence

At Zealous Project Events Limited we believe that no idea is a bad idea. However; the journey from idea to implementation or scaling can be an excruciating  one  that is where we step in. We take on the weight of carrying the entire project on your own by walking you through some of the critical steps to implementation.  

Brain Storm Solutions

We brainstorm & evaluate potential Solutions to determine what works & what doesn't. We then get feedback from others at this stage to get some outside perspectives before testing it out.

Develop the Business Model

This process is essential to the success of any startup and we break it down into four distinct stages. Idea stage, Product, stage, Growth stage & Maturity stage.

Create A Launch Strategy

It's exciting and scary time to finally put your product or service out there for the world to see. We help  create marketing materials, such as a website and social media accounts, and then promoting your business through these channels.

We are here to help you achieve your goals and to grow your business

Tell us which area of your business you would like us to help you with & one of our dedicated business consultants will get back to you shortly.

Our Vision

To provide technical knowledge to startups & SMEs by becoming a one-stop solution for them irrespective of where they are based, what stage they are at, or the industry they belong to.

Our Mission

 To become the go-to place for founders, SMEs and entrepreneurs looking for support in to create ground breaking and innovative solutions for world's problems.

Market Gap

There are lot of non-technical entrepreneurs who would like to build their online startup but can’t get into any accelerator.